Monthly Favorites – February 2018

We’ve decided to share a few things that we think could be useful or just plain cute with all of you. Check it out!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products mentioned below; this is at no extra cost to you.

Princess crown studs

Princess crown studs…really, do we need to say more? GET THEM! You know you want to!


Tiny Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Charms

Add these little cuties to any necklace or bracelet! We think these are a great gift to give to your damas as a token of appreciation. And think…every time they look at their charm they will be reminded of how #blessed they are to have you as a friend. D’AWW!


Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

This is not our February favorite but our everyday favorite! The smell is feminine but not too sweet and overbearing. Because this is the mini size it won’t hurt your wallet as much if you decide you don’t like it but trust us – it’s a keeper.


Solid Color Headbands

With a variety of colors to choose from, you can have your damas looking extra cute for the surprise dance with these headbands. And they can be used even after the quince.

$12.99 for 8 headbands

Custom Large Laser Cut Sign

Unless you totally hate your name, we can’t see how you wouldn’t want a custom laser cut sign of your beautiful name or phrase.  The vendor gives you several fonts to choose from, which made them stand out to us. These are unpainted but can be painted for an additional cost.

Keep your sign after your quince and put it in your room – resourceful!

The smallest sign is 18″ wide and starts at $40.00. 

Personalized Initial Wax Seal Stamp

Get  your own stamp with your initials and transform your quinceañera invitations. Besides being really fun to do, we think they are also just so pretty!

You will need to purchase wax sticks but you can find a ton of vendors on Etsy. We found some super cute metallic wax sticks!

Bonus: This vendor includes one wax stick to get you started.

Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar and Menu

With so much planning going on it’s easy to forget some things! With this dry erase magnetic calendar, staying on track will be a breeze!  We love this because it doesn’t stain like a regular whiteboard and it comes with reusable icons and markers. NICE! Also included is a menu if you’re into meal planning.

Mexican Inspired Quinceañera Dresses

Bold colors and details. We love these Mexican-inspired dressses!

Mariachi and charro inspired quinceañera dresses are becoming more and more popular in the States. Unfortunately, not many popular quinceañera designers carry these types of dresses but luckily for you, we’ve searched Pinterest and found a few to choose from.

Royal and Gold

First of all, we love the royal and gold combination! A little bit about this dress: it’s a three-piece that can be worn in two ways. The skirt is a silky satin material and is decorated with gold coins and marvelous embroidery detail.

Most of the dresses mentioned on this post are by La Glitter Designers. They have a store in Houston at PlazAmerica Mall, if you are interested in purchasing this dress (Style 24022).

White and Royal

This beautiful white and royal dress is decorated with silver coins and medallions and is a three-piece as well. Not pictured is a 3/4 sleeve jacket but it matches the dress.

Like we mentioned above, La Glitter Designers has a location in Houston at PlazAmerica Mall, if you are interested in purchasing this dress (Style 24024).

Red and White

We love these two styles because the red on white gives it such a stunning contrast. And we go without mentioning the stunning flowers! Match either of these dresses with a bold red lipstick and you are good to go!

In addition to the vendors listed above there are quite a few of quinceañera dress shops in Houston that will create a one-of-a-kind Mariachi or charro inspired dress for you like Glitter Houston in PlazAmerica Mall on the second floor. Tell them we sent you!

Check out our Pinterest profile for more mariachi and charro inspired dresses and other quince inspiration.

7 Things You Should Think About Before Asking Her to be a Dama

The damas you choose will be by your side throughout the entire journey of your quince. We want to help you choose wisely.

So you may be thinking, “Can’t I just invite all my friends to be my damas?” Yeah, sure you could! But should you?  Probably not. To help you choose an ideal dama we have come up with 7 things to consider before asking her to be your dama. Read on.

Want to get straight to the good stuff? Take our quiz!

[interact id=”5a8cb42161884c00147e2d6c” type=”quiz”]

Are they related to you?

Including your sisters or cousins to be a part of your celebration is a great way to start the planning process. They know your likes and dislikes pretty well and have seen you at your worst so they’ll be able to handle you when quincezilla decides to make an appearance.

Choosing family is a great idea, however, don’t feel obligated to ask family members just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Make sure your decision to make them part of your squad is because you truly want them there.

Will she fit in with the other damas?

If you had to give her a grade for “plays well with others”, what would she get? To have a happy bunch, it’s important that the girls you choose be able to get along well. Of course we want to be inclusive but it is something that you should consider. These girls will be spending a lot of time together which could be a really great experience or a nightmare depending if they all get along. Planning a quince can get very stressful and there’s lot to do, there’s no need for extra drama so if you can avoid it, do so.

Is she dependable?

There will be practices, fittings, photo shoots and so much more so you don’t need anyone that isn’t fully committed to making your night perfect. We know this is super old but really, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT!

Do your parents like her?

girl thinking

If the girl you are considering has ever got you in trouble , chances are – your parents don’t like her. You may think that once they get to know her a little better they will start to like her is not likely. Here’s why – your parents have plenty on their mind with their daily problems/issues and now add planning a quince to that – it’s just not good timing. I’ve said it once and I will say it again – quinces are stressful and there’s no need for extra drama so if you can avoid it – do so!

Does she like similar things as you?

If your friend has a completely different fashion sense than you and if you plan on choosing your damas’ dresses – red flag, abort! We can hear it now, “Ugh. You’re not going to make me try this on, right?!” On the other hand, if she doesn’t have similar fashion taste as you but is open to suggestions, well then you could overlook this one.

Is she helpful?

This is especially important if you are planning on having a large quince. You will need a lot of help and you don’t want to constantly tell someone to help out or hear complaints anytime you ask for help. Those friends that want to help make things just go so much smoother.

Does she live close to you?

Well this is something you should consider if you are planning to have a baile de sorpresa. There are a lot of hours that go into mastering those dance moves and you need the whole court to make it come to life. Chances are that someone that doesn’t live close will have a few excuses of why they couldn’t make it to a practice. Also, keep in mind there will be photo shoots and fittings too. Will she be able to commit to attending all of these?

Unless the girl in question is an extremely responsible individual, chances are that she will miss a few things. Is that something that you can overlook or is it a deal breaker? Be honest with yourself.

So how does she measure up? Is she or is she not “dama material”?

Snapchat Filters and Lenses for Your Quince

How to Get Snapchat Filters and Lenses for Your Quince

Stunt on your guests with a personalized Snapchat filter or lens!

What is a geofilter and lenses?

If you’re a teenager reading this, you can just skip to the next section because you probably already know this but older folk need to be informed.

A geofilter is a fun way to put a design or overlay on Snaps. Geofilters or filters are specific to a location, placed by the person or company that designed them. Lenses allow users to animate their faces on Snaps.

Snapchat has made creating filters and lenses so user-friendly! See for yourself here.

Filter or Lens?

Let’s get right to it – do you want a filter or a lens? Not too hard, right? You can do both but focus on the one you really want first. Having multiple designs can get expensive really quick, especially if your venue is big.

Once you picked your product, it’s time to put your graphic designer hat on and get to work, baby! (Sorry I called you baby but we’re excited!)


Create Your Own – Yes, You Can Do It!

Designing Filters

Snapchat has made it super easy to create a personalized filter (at no charge, btw). They have a variety of templates that you can choose from, broken down by category. We recommend looking through all of them. You may find an gem in an unexpected category.

Once you find a layout you like, make it YOURS by:

  • Changing the color of the layout
  • Add or Edit Text
  • Change Text color
  • Choose the placement of the text

Snapchat also allows you to add Bitmojis, if that’s your thing. Also, with the live view you can see what your filter will look like throughout all of your changes.

If you are feeling adventurous there is also an option to start with a blank template. If you choose to go this route – huge props to you!

Designing Lenses

Not too long ago, Snapchat started offering customized lenses and the process is so easy! These templates are also broken up by categories.

With lenses, you can make their template unique by:

  • Adding or Editing Text
  • Change Stylized fonts
  • Picking the Alignment of the Text

Have Someone Design One for You

So you took a look at the Snapchat templates and didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t get down – there’s plenty of people out there waiting to create filter magic for you!

There are a ton of businesses now that will gladly make a filter for you but this can get pricey depending on the level of experience of the designer and the artwork you want. Many of these business also offer templates like Snapchat that can easily be customized for your event. We found a lot of talented vendors on Etsy (search Snapchat filters). We also discovered that most vendors on Etsy can have your design ready in less than 24 hours. Uh, yay! Each vendor has their own terms but most will give you at least two proofs to make changes. Once the artwork is approved, you will have a file to upload your very own filter to Snapchat!

oh ok

A Few More Clicks and You Are Done

Date and Time

Now that you have your design ready to go you will need to choose the date and time you want your filter or lens to run. In our experience, we recommend that you have your filter or lens start several hours before the event so you can test it. This also buys you some time just in case there are any issues, you have time to resolve them.

Choose Your Geofence

Next you will need to put the address of where your event will take place. Once you enter the address, a “fence” will populate around where you event will be. You can manipulate that fence however you like BUT keep in mind that the more area you want to cover the more it will cost you; Snapchat charges per square feet. Once you have locked down the perimeter of where you want your  filter to show up, click “Checkout”. Your design will be submitted to Snapchat for review. You will typically be notified if your design is approved or not within a business day. Once approved, kick back and relax because Snapchat handles the rest for you.

The Day of Your Event

We wish we could be present when you make your grand entrance and everyone has their phones out to record your special moment and see the look on your guests when they discover your personalized filter or lens – WHOA! They’ll be talking about it for months…maybe even years! Ok, probably not but we’re positive they will think you’re pretty amazing!

Comment your experience with filters and lenses on Snapchat below.

floral bow tie guy

10 Chambelan Items We Love for 2018

Looking for some inspiration to dress your chambelan(es)? We searched the internet for what felt like a thousand hours and we made a list of our 10 favorite items in chambelan fashion.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products mentioned below; this is at no extra cost to you.

Floral Prints

You can’t go wrong with a floral print bow tie paired with a solid colored shirt. It’s just impossible. But for those that looking to stand out; try a patterned shirt with a floral bow tie instead. We think your guy(s) will love it!

floral bow tie guy

Men’s New Classic Floral Pattern Bow Tie Print Cotton Black Tie for Men – Style65

Amazon, $8.89. More options to choose from.

Browti Floral Print Cotton Bow Tie Knot Bowtie Pocket Square Hanky Cufflinks Set

Amazon, $13.75. More options to choose from.

Velvet Bow ties

Step your bow tie game UP with one of these! Velvet bow ties are basically the classy thing ever (we may be exaggerating a bit). We recommend getting a velvet bow tie that matches your dress and different colored suspenders to add some pop. Keep scrolling…we have some suspenders coming up!

iHomor Men’s Velvet Bow Tie Many Colors (vine red)

Amazon, $29.99. More colors to choose from.

Velvet Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set- Black

Amazon, $13.25. More colors to choose from.

Blazers That Make a Statement

The sequin blazer may be too much for some but we think it’s bold! If it’s too busy for your taste then you may like the quarter sleeve velvet blazer instead. 

Jaycargogo Men’s Tuxedo Single-Breasted Party Show Suit Sequins Jacket Blazer

Amazon, $51.89 – $52.15

Fulok Men’s Stylish Notched Lapel One Button Velvet Blazer Jacket

Amazon, $18.01 – $20.01. Other colors to choose from.


A pair of leather suspenders and a floral print bow tie…name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait. Seriously, you have got to get your guy(s) some of these leather suspenders. We’re sure they’ll use even after your quinceañera. Now, before you scroll down and say “gray suspenders, ok?”. Let us explain. We’re not huge fans of everything so matchy matchy (sorry for such technical terms) so we thought what if you paired a pair of gray suspenders with a colorful bow tie instead. But then we came across this picture and now we want velvet bow ties and gray suspenders for life!

bow tie and suspenders

Lawevan Men and Women Y Back Design Adjustable Metal Clip Cattlehide Leather Solid Stretch Supenders for Wedding,Formal Even

Amazon, $12.99

Universal Suspenders 2.5cm Polyester Material X-Shape with 4 Clips for Men and Women (Gray)

Amazon, $7.99. Other colors to choose from.

Something Unexpected

Don’t  these just scream “baile de sorpresa”? Let your guy(s) light up your dance floor.

Light Up LED Suspenders (Blue)

Amazon, $15.97. More colors to choose from.

GlowTies LED Bow Tie Christmas Costume Accessory for New Years/Christmas Gift/Rave Party Burning Man Light Up BowTie

Amazon, $15.99. More colors to choose from.

Don’t forget the socks

Style them from head to toe! 

Socks n Socks-Men’s 5-pair Luxury Fun Cool Cotton Colorful Dress Socks Gift Box

Amazon, $19.99 for 5 pairs. More options to choose from.

WeciBor Men’s Dress Cool Colorful Novelty Funny Casual Combed Cotton Crew Socks Pack

Amazon, $23.99 for 5 pairs. More options to choose from.

Comment below other trends or items that we should look out for in 2018.

Proper Wording for Quinceañera Invitations

Writer’s block? It happens. You’re in luck – we have 6 wording samples for  your invitation to choose from. Bonus:  They’re in English + Spanish.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products mentioned below; this is at no extra cost to you.


[Quinceañera’s name]
have the honor of inviting 
you and your family 
to a celebration in honor of 
My Fifteenth Birthday 
which will be offered by my parents 
[Parent name] 
[Parent name] 
[day of the week], the [day] of [month] 
two thousand [year] 
at [write out the time] in the evening 

[Name of Venue] 
[Venue Address]

Straight Forward

[Parent name] and [Parent name] 
request the honor of your presence to celebrate the fifteenth birthday
of their daughter
[Quinceañera’s name]
on the [day] of [month]
two thousand [year]
at [write out the time]

[Name of Venue]
[Venue Address]

Church + Reception

[Parent name] and [Parent name] invite you to join them to celebrate the quinceañera of their daughter

[Quinceañera’s name]

[Day of the week], the [day] of [month]

two thousand eighteen

at [write out the time]

[Name of Church]
[Church Address]

Reception to follow

[Name of Venue]
[Venue Address]

En Español


[Nombre de padre] y [nombre de madre]

tienen el honor de invitar a usted y su familia a celebrar los XV Años de

[Nombre de Quinceañera]

Esperando su asistencia el
[día], [la fecha] de [mes]
dos mil [año] 
a la/las [hora] de la noche en

[Nombre del salón] ubicado en


Tenemos el honor de invitar
a usted y a su familia a la
celebración de XV Años de
[Nombre de Quinceañera]
el [día], [la fecha] de [mes]
del año dos mil [año]
a la/las [hora] de la noche
[Nombre del salón]

Misa + Recepción

El Sr. y la Sra. [Nombre de Padres]
tienen el honor de invitarles
a la ceremonia religiosa para celebrar los
Quince Años
de su hija
[Nombre de Quinceañera]
el [día], [la fecha] de [mes]
del año dos mil [año]
a la / las [hora] de la mañana/tarde/noche
[Nombre de la iglesia]

Esperando su asistencia posterior en

[Nombre del salón]


When should invitations go out?

We suggest sending invitations out 8 weeks prior to the “big day”. This is especially important if you are inviting people from out of state. 

If you are mailing invitations out of the country, we suggest sending them at least 10 weeks before the celebration. The mailing system in other countries is not as fast or reliable, so plan accordingly. 

Something not used as often in the Latino culture is save-the-date cards. Save-the-dates can be sent out 6 to 8 months before the celebration and that is more than enough time for guests to plan. 

Get inspired!

If you have yet to purchase invitations, we highly recommend using They have a huge selection and super cute invitations.  

They offer a selection of quinceañera invitations but we fell in love with the wedding designs. For my daughter’s quince we ordered one of their foil-pressed invitations and used the formal wording listed above. We got so many compliments!

You will definitely have your guests excited with stunning foil-pressed invitations

Who Should I Invite To My Quinceañera?

You’ve decided on the date for your quinceañera now you have to start thinking about who you should invite.

You’ve got a solid mental list of people you want at your quince and your feeling really good about it – but then your overhear your mom talking about all of her friends she wants to invite.  Then your dad asks if his second cousins from Mexico (which you literally haven’t seen in years) are going to be invited.

Who’s quince is this anyway?

So you might be asking yourself what should you do. Well, luckily for you we have some ideas to help you get a handle on your guest list.

First Things First

Before creating a list of guests, you and your parents need to agree on a number of maximum guests you can realistically invite. This, of course, largely depends on your budget and on the size of your venue.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you know the maximum capacity for the venue. Do not go over the maximum allowed or you will face some issues.

Now I Create My List, Right?

No, create FOUR!

You can go old school and get a pen and a few pieces of paper or use your laptop and show off those mad computer skills. Excel is always a good idea but Google Sheets is an awesome alternative. We also recommend All Seated.  It’s a super easy and FUN to use.

BONUS: AllSeated also has a seating chart and table setting feature! Awesome, right? Watch out world, this girl is on a roll!

Break up your lists like this:

The “A” List

This is your closest family members and those people that you absolutely must have at your quince (your boyfriend – that doesn’t know he’s your boyfriend yet, for example ).

The “B” List

This is for those family members that you’re still close to but don’t see very often and maybe friends from your childhood that you still keep in touch with.

The “C” List

This list can include your neighbors, parent’s friends and coworkers.

The “D” List

This could include those people you haven’t seen in years (your dad’s second cousins, for example) or acquaintances from school.

If your list exceeds the number you and your parents agreed to it’s time to cut it! Work your way backwards and start with the D list first. If that doesn’t cut it down enough then you will need to remove some people from your C list too. Of course, you would love to invite everyone but quinceañeras can get expensive fast!

The Parents

OK, so we know that your parents are the ones that flipping the bill on this party so they will obviously have a lot of say on who should be on the guest list but they should be open to your suggestions too. So try to compromise. For example, if your mom wants to invite all the girls from her Zumba class; why not suggest that she only one or two (or remind her that she doesn’t even like any of them). Also, remind them about the number that was agreed on.

There will be people that will be invited that you don’t care for but your parents want them there but don’t let that drain your excitement.

The Truth Is…

Someone will be left off and someone will most likely get their feelings hurt. That is the reality of planning such a big event.

As the date get closer you may be asked, “Where’s my invite?” You may feel obligated to invite them but if they didn’t even make the “D” list than why bother? So have a polite but firm response ready; make sure it’s something that can’t be misinterpreted and then quickly change the subject.

25 Of Our Favorite Father + Daughter Songs

Your quinceañera will be full of exciting and heartwarming moments but one moment that will stay with you forever is the father + daughter dance. These songs will give you and your guests all the feels. We’re not crying…you are!

We spent hours listening to what felt like a million songs so you wouldn’t have to.  Although it was a tough decision and we know we left some out, we compiled a list of the sweetest father + daughter songs by genre. 


Tu Sangre En Mi Cuerpo” – Angela Aguilar ft. Pepe Aguilar

15 Primaveras” – Vicente Fernandez

Vals de Amor” – Joan Sebastian

Es Mi Niña Bonita” – Vicente Fernandez

Preciosa Criatura” – Joan Sebastian


No Crezcas Mas” -Tercer Cielo

Count On Me” – Bruno Mars

Stand By Me” – Prince Royce

Tu Guardian” – Juanes

Mi Princesa” – David Bisbal


Never Grow Up” – Taylor Swift

My Little Girl” – Tim McGraw

My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

Daddy’s Little Girl” – The Shires

It Won’t Be Like This For Long” – Darius Rucker


Princesas Magicas” – Jesus Adrian Romero

Cinderella” – Steven Curtis Chapman

La Niña Que Soñe” – Jey Pacheco

Como Hace Quince Años” – Manuel Romero

Butterfly Kisses” – Bob Carlisle


My Girl” – The Temptations

Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye + Tammi Terrill

You Are So Beautiful” – Joe Cocker

Ain’t That Love” – Ray Charles

Know a song that didn’t make the list? Comment below!