Mexican Inspired Quinceañera Dresses

Bold colors and details. We love these Mexican-inspired dressses!

Mariachi and charro inspired quinceañera dresses are becoming more and more popular in the States. Unfortunately, not many popular quinceañera designers carry these types of dresses but luckily for you, we’ve searched Pinterest and found a few to choose from.

Royal and Gold

First of all, we love the royal and gold combination! A little bit about this dress: it’s a three-piece that can be worn in two ways. The skirt is a silky satin material and is decorated with gold coins and marvelous embroidery detail.

Most of the dresses mentioned on this post are by La Glitter Designers. They have a store in Houston at PlazAmerica Mall, if you are interested in purchasing this dress (Style 24022).

White and Royal

This beautiful white and royal dress is decorated with silver coins and medallions and is a three-piece as well. Not pictured is a 3/4 sleeve jacket but it matches the dress.

Like we mentioned above, La Glitter Designers has a location in Houston at PlazAmerica Mall, if you are interested in purchasing this dress (Style 24024).

Red and White

We love these two styles because the red on white gives it such a stunning contrast. And we go without mentioning the stunning flowers! Match either of these dresses with a bold red lipstick and you are good to go!

In addition to the vendors listed above there are quite a few of quinceañera dress shops in Houston that will create a one-of-a-kind Mariachi or charro inspired dress for you like Glitter Houston in PlazAmerica Mall on the second floor. Tell them we sent you!

Check out our Pinterest profile for more mariachi and charro inspired dresses and other quince inspiration.

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