7 Things You Should Think About Before Asking Her to be a Dama

The damas you choose will be by your side throughout the entire journey of your quince. We want to help you choose wisely.

So you may be thinking, “Can’t I just invite all my friends to be my damas?” Yeah, sure you could! But should you?  Probably not. To help you choose an ideal dama we have come up with 7 things to consider before asking her to be your dama. Read on.

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Are they related to you?

Including your sisters or cousins to be a part of your celebration is a great way to start the planning process. They know your likes and dislikes pretty well and have seen you at your worst so they’ll be able to handle you when quincezilla decides to make an appearance.

Choosing family is a great idea, however, don’t feel obligated to ask family members just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Make sure your decision to make them part of your squad is because you truly want them there.

Will she fit in with the other damas?

If you had to give her a grade for “plays well with others”, what would she get? To have a happy bunch, it’s important that the girls you choose be able to get along well. Of course we want to be inclusive but it is something that you should consider. These girls will be spending a lot of time together which could be a really great experience or a nightmare depending if they all get along. Planning a quince can get very stressful and there’s lot to do, there’s no need for extra drama so if you can avoid it, do so.

Is she dependable?

There will be practices, fittings, photo shoots and so much more so you don’t need anyone that isn’t fully committed to making your night perfect. We know this is super old but really, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT!

Do your parents like her?

girl thinking

If the girl you are considering has ever got you in trouble , chances are – your parents don’t like her. You may think that once they get to know her a little better they will start to like her is not likely. Here’s why – your parents have plenty on their mind with their daily problems/issues and now add planning a quince to that – it’s just not good timing. I’ve said it once and I will say it again – quinces are stressful and there’s no need for extra drama so if you can avoid it – do so!

Does she like similar things as you?

If your friend has a completely different fashion sense than you and if you plan on choosing your damas’ dresses – red flag, abort! We can hear it now, “Ugh. You’re not going to make me try this on, right?!” On the other hand, if she doesn’t have similar fashion taste as you but is open to suggestions, well then you could overlook this one.

Is she helpful?

This is especially important if you are planning on having a large quince. You will need a lot of help and you don’t want to constantly tell someone to help out or hear complaints anytime you ask for help. Those friends that want to help make things just go so much smoother.

Does she live close to you?

Well this is something you should consider if you are planning to have a baile de sorpresa. There are a lot of hours that go into mastering those dance moves and you need the whole court to make it come to life. Chances are that someone that doesn’t live close will have a few excuses of why they couldn’t make it to a practice. Also, keep in mind there will be photo shoots and fittings too. Will she be able to commit to attending all of these?

Unless the girl in question is an extremely responsible individual, chances are that she will miss a few things. Is that something that you can overlook or is it a deal breaker? Be honest with yourself.

So how does she measure up? Is she or is she not “dama material”?

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