Who Should I Invite To My Quinceañera?

You’ve decided on the date for your quinceañera now you have to start thinking about who you should invite.

You’ve got a solid mental list of people you want at your quince and your feeling really good about it – but then your overhear your mom talking about all of her friends she wants to invite.  Then your dad asks if his second cousins from Mexico (which you literally haven’t seen in years) are going to be invited.

Who’s quince is this anyway?

So you might be asking yourself what should you do. Well, luckily for you we have some ideas to help you get a handle on your guest list.

First Things First

Before creating a list of guests, you and your parents need to agree on a number of maximum guests you can realistically invite. This, of course, largely depends on your budget and on the size of your venue.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you know the maximum capacity for the venue. Do not go over the maximum allowed or you will face some issues.

Now I Create My List, Right?

No, create FOUR!

You can go old school and get a pen and a few pieces of paper or use your laptop and show off those mad computer skills. Excel is always a good idea but Google Sheets is an awesome alternative. We also recommend All Seated.  It’s a super easy and FUN to use.

BONUS: AllSeated also has a seating chart and table setting feature! Awesome, right? Watch out world, this girl is on a roll!

Break up your lists like this:

The “A” List

This is your closest family members and those people that you absolutely must have at your quince (your boyfriend – that doesn’t know he’s your boyfriend yet, for example ).

The “B” List

This is for those family members that you’re still close to but don’t see very often and maybe friends from your childhood that you still keep in touch with.

The “C” List

This list can include your neighbors, parent’s friends and coworkers.

The “D” List

This could include those people you haven’t seen in years (your dad’s second cousins, for example) or acquaintances from school.

If your list exceeds the number you and your parents agreed to it’s time to cut it! Work your way backwards and start with the D list first. If that doesn’t cut it down enough then you will need to remove some people from your C list too. Of course, you would love to invite everyone but quinceañeras can get expensive fast!

The Parents

OK, so we know that your parents are the ones that flipping the bill on this party so they will obviously have a lot of say on who should be on the guest list but they should be open to your suggestions too. So try to compromise. For example, if your mom wants to invite all the girls from her Zumba class; why not suggest that she only one or two (or remind her that she doesn’t even like any of them). Also, remind them about the number that was agreed on.

There will be people that will be invited that you don’t care for but your parents want them there but don’t let that drain your excitement.

The Truth Is…

Someone will be left off and someone will most likely get their feelings hurt. That is the reality of planning such a big event.

As the date get closer you may be asked, “Where’s my invite?” You may feel obligated to invite them but if they didn’t even make the “D” list than why bother? So have a polite but firm response ready; make sure it’s something that can’t be misinterpreted and then quickly change the subject.

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